What exactly is it?

Clockwork Club is a hobby business that is managed by a very small team around their full-time work & family life.

With watches becoming as much of a fashion accessory as they are a means of telling the time, having a watch to suit your wardrobe helps to keep your outfits ticking over.

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Essentially, Clockwork Club is a watch subscription service that gives you a brand new watch every single month, yours to keep, in return for a monthly fee that is less than the value of the watch you receive.

"How?" we hear you ask.

Let us explain.

We work with both brand new and existing watch manufacturers that are looking to reach a target audience that perhaps wouldn't have stumbled across their brand before. 

For this reason, they are happy to let us have a larger discount than normal and means we can supply them to you in return for the monthly subscription costs.

Naturally, in return for our premium subscription, you'll be receiving a more premium value of a watch, but we guarantee that you'll always receive a watch with a value in excess of your subscription cost.